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Learning new ideas is great

But implementing them is the hard part. You need to figure out how they’ll work at your company and overcome the barriers in your way. You’ll only be able to do this as a team, and so we’re bringing you together.

Session outlines

Make a bigger difference by coming together

Concepts and ideas are great, but the hard work comes when turning them into reality. There will always be barriers; how does an idea fit with your current processes, what would you have to adjust to make it work? These obstacles are the things that stop change from happening, and you can only overcome them as a team.

That is why we’re bringing you together.

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7 deep dives over 12 weeks

LeadDev Together is a seven-part virtual event series hosted by Anjuan Simmons, who will be joined in each session by a subject specialist co-host. Each session will feature talks and panels from engineering leaders that will ground your knowledge and present new ideas. You’ll then have the opportunity to discuss what you’ve learned in a structured manner – with prompts, exercises, and discussion pieces given to you by our expert hosts.

You’ll attend the sessions with an appetite to change your organisations for the better; and leave with actionable, peer-discussed strategies to effect personal and organisation change.

What to expect from LeadDev Together

Our host Anjuan Simmons tells us why we created LeadDev Together and what you can expect from the series.

The topics

Who should come

Discussion is an integral part of this event, and we’ve designed the session to be viewed by teams. It’s up to you to decide who these teams are – it could be a group of engineering leaders from your company; it could be you and the team that you manage; or it might even be a cross-functional group of leaders in your business. Bring the team that feels right to you.

Got questions?

We’ve tried to answer everything we think you might ask about LeadDev Together on the How it works page. If we’ve missed anything just reach out to us [email protected]