How it works

LeadDev Together is a seven-part event series: each session will feature talks and panels from engineering leaders that will ground your knowledge and present new ideas. You’ll then have the opportunity to discuss what you’ve learned in a structured manner – with prompts, exercises and discussion pieces given to you by our expert hosts.

The practicalities

LeadDev Together is designed to be watched in groups. These groups can be as small as two people and grow to around eight. For groups larger than that, we'd recommend splitting into two or more separate groups to ensure that everyone has a chance to contribute.

In the lead up to the event, we'll send over a Rules of engagement for the sessions. They'll tell you how to set up your room if you'll all be together, or how to set up your screen if you'll be viewing separately. We'll also provide you with some information on how to have productive discussions as a group, how to make sure all voices are heard, and how to not get sidetracked or steamrolled.

When a session is airing, our hosts will guide you through the content provided. There will be some talks and panels, but a key part of the event will be focused around getting you and your cohort to interact. You'll be guided through the discussion pieces by our hosts, who'll challenge you to think about how you could take and apply the concepts you're learning about.

All sessions will be available to watch after the event, and we'll also provide you with some materials to continue your learning after each session.

Get your tickets now

Existing LeadDev 2020 conference ticket holders

Current LeadDev conference ticket holders can swap their 2020 ticket to LeadDev Together and bring a friend for free. Your existing ticket will get you a LeadDev Together session pass for two people worth $1800, and gets both of you access to all 7 sessions. You should have received an email explaining how to transfer your place to LeadDev Together and you can complete this form to make the transfer.

Still got questions?

We’ve tried to answer everything we think you might ask about LeadDev Together below. If we’ve missed anything just reach out to us [email protected].

Can I come to LeadDev Together alone?

You cannot purchase an individual ticket and we highly recommend that you do join with at least one other person from your organisation. The sessions have been designed to have the most impact if you are able to participate in group discussions.

Can I bring someone or form a group with people from outside my organisation?

We strongly encourage you to join with someone from your organisation and believe that this is how you will derive the most benefit. However, you are free to create a group of people from outside of your organisation if you choose to.

Can I buy a team ticket and sub people in and out depending on the session?

No, the ticket will be for named individuals and we would encourage people to attend as many of the 7 sessions as possible. We have built in large discounts for larger groups to enable companies to book for bigger teams.

I made a large group booking for one of the in-person conferences. Can I send some of my team to LeadDev Together and some to next year’s event?

Absolutely. We have developed a range of options for you so that you can choose the outcome that works best for your team - please send us a message to [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Is there a maximum group size that can take part in LeadDev Together?

You can book for as large a group as you wish. Above 6-8 we do recommend that you break into smaller groups to aid discussions.

How do I switch my ticket to LeadDev Together?

If you are an existing ticket holder, you should have received an email on 25 June with instructions for how to transfer your ticket. If you have not received an email, please send us a message at [email protected] or you can complete this form to make the transfer.

Can I sponsor LeadDev Together?

No, LeadDev Together has been built from the ground up to serve the specific development needs of our audience, so we want to keep everyone focused on the job at hand. There are plenty of other ways that LeadDev can help you speak to technology leaders, so please get in touch with us at [email protected].

What if I can’t make one of the sessions?

All sessions are recorded and will be made available for LeadDev Together ticket holders shortly after each session.

How much time do I have to commit outside of the sessions?

As little or as much as you’d like. We’ll be suggesting exercises or actions that you can take to improve your software engineering practice in between sessions - but this isn’t a “course” and you won’t be getting marked on it; how far you want to progress is up to you.

Will you be releasing videos of the sessions?

Sessions will be recorded and ticket holders will be able to access them shortly after the sessions finish. Videos will be made available to the public after a further 6 months.

Got questions?

We’ve tried to answer everything we think you might ask about LeadDev Together on the How it works page. If we’ve missed anything just reach out to us [email protected]