Getting set up for LeadDev Together

Set up and logistics

Watching the sessions

LeadDev Together will stream from – you'll be sent registration details before the event. This will be unique to you. You'll watch the sessions, collect your homework and resources, and share your feedback there.

Your group discussions

When you are prompted to move to a breakout discussion, this is to a video call with your team. In advance (see below some suggestions for who should set this up from your team) you'll need to organise a link to a video call that you can all join. This can take place on whatever video call service you use as a team (Zoom, Teams, etc.).

You'll be alone on these video calls, without the event co-hosts, and will be called back to the main track when the time for breakout discussion is over.

Timezones and replays

Each session will be played three times – you can find all the programme times here. The replays give you full access to the event, so you won't be missing out if you don't watch live. You don't need to sign up for a specific time, you'll just log in at ready for the live or replay time you choose.

It’s important to select the time that your full group can attend together to that you can all participate in the group discussion. You can attend a different time for each of the sessions, whatever is most convenient for your group. or tell us which you are selecting. You just need to make sure your group is clear on which you have selected.

Group size and makeup

Groups of 6-8 colleagues are best

We all know large video calls can be hard, and to give everyone in the group the best chance of participating we recommend that you break down into smaller group of no more than 8. This isn’t a strict rule. If you have 9 people in your group and would rather stay as one group than break into two, that’s absolutely your call.

Suggestions for larger groups

If you are a large group you can decide how you would like to split into the smaller groups. The idea would be to choose a group that you'll have the best chance of making collective decisions that can lead to actions and impact. Think about deciding based on functional teams, seniority, project-based teams, and whether you want one senior person in each group. Again, this is down to what works for you.

Multipe groups from the same organization

We've seen multiple teams registering from within the same organization. You may want to check if colleagues of yours have independently booked and team up with them to have a bigger impact. Try dropping a message in your team communications channel (e.g. Slack) to find out if anyone else is attending. And don't forget, we recommend a total group size of 6-8 people.

Setting up your screen / setting up a room

Watching from a virtual space

Some teams have always been or are now fully remote, some of you may well be back in an office environment.

If you are intending to watch LeadDev Together remotely, we’d recommend having two windows open. One of which should contain the LeadDev Together steam from our website and the other should have the video call with your own team.

We’d recommend always having both open during the talks and group discussions, and to have your video call presenting on gallery mode. Seeing the other members of your team while you watch the content will help you remember that this is a collaborative process, and can help you understand people’s reactions to the content. If you have two screens/monitors that’s great - you can have the main stream on one monitor and your video call on another.

Watching from an in-person meeting space

If you are back in an office we’d recommend booking a meeting room with a stream so that you can watch the full session together. When setting up the room, take some time to consider how it can be used for best effect and to ensure that everyone feels like an equal participant. Ensure that the room is set up in a way that works for everyone, that everyone has a place to sit and work, and think of any materials that you may find useful for group discussions (pens, notepads, whiteboards).

For more tips on how to do this, we’d recommend watching Neha Batra’s Facilitation Techniques 202.

Communicating in advance and during LeadDev Together

There will be a LeadDev Together Slack group which you'll be invited to use. It will be a nice place to chat with other engineering leads in advance and to share thoughts and outcomes.

We also recommend that you might want to set up an area for conversation between your group in your work’s communication platform. You can use this for sharing information in advance and making sure you’re aligned on timings, any follow-up sessions etc.

After the sessions

After each session, you'll be sent the videos of the individual talks and panel you have seen so you can replay at your leisure.

You'll also be sent a ‘homework’ the next day from your expert co-host. This is likely to include some additional prompts for personal reflection, some additional reading, or even a video or talk that might supplement your learning.

Got questions?

We’ve tried to answer everything we think you might ask about LeadDev Together on the How it works page. If we’ve missed anything just reach out to us [email protected]