Part 6: Building inclusive companies

November 10, 2020 • 11am – 2pm EST • EMEA and APAC replays


Danielle Leong

Head of Identity and Access Management


Danielle Leong

Session summary

Managing people is hard, and managing people who have different experiences to you is even harder - but that’s also why it’s necessary that you put in the work to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to succeed.

A willingness to change our own behaviours is only the start, but how can you take individual actions and turn them into change at an organisational level? How do you build sustainable and systemic change?

You’ll leave this session with:

  • An understanding of the barriers that exist for underrepresented engineers
  • Strategies for active allyship and proactive anti-discrimination
  • How to make grassroots change, and how it can become organisational
  • Frameworks for examining inequality in pay, reward, growth opportunities

Talks and panels

Sheree Atcheson, Jason Brewer, Megan Chinburg, James Loduca

[Panel]Understanding your position and potential in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts

Strategies for learning, overcoming inaction, and admitting mistakes.

As you progress further into your career, your sphere of influence is likely to grow with you. And as you gain more influence, your actions in the field of DEI will have more of an impact. But anyone, in any role, can make positive change in their organisation. However, author Myisha Hill notes that today’s society promotes perfectionism; this can make work that is integral to DEI initiatives harder and actively make people feel paralysed. So how can you influence change if you’re afraid to learn?

In this panel discussion, we’ll be exploring how to actively learn in an area that’s damaging to get wrong, and how to admit our mistakes, publicly apologise, and build trust when we make mistakes.

LaFawn Davis

Inclusion strategies for senior leaders

There’s a lot going on right now. We have the COVID-19 pandemic, a global economic crisis, and in the wake of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, protests and demands for reform. It’s as if the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, the 1929 stock market crash and the civil unrest of 1968 are happening at the same time. In this talk, learn about diversity and inclusion actions executives and senior leaders can take right now to create long-term sustainable change.

Kim Crayton

Lack of inclusion is a risk management issue: The business case for hiring for lived experience

Change is happening all around us, and yet, the tech industry continues to hire and manage developers and build teams that are still stuck in the Industrial Age matrix. Wake up! We are in the Information Age where diversity and inclusion are now essential for smart business planning. Shed the outdated silo thinking that developers are only responsible for code. Success in today’s knowledge economy requires that all team members understand how every decision impacts business leaders ability to innovate, differentiate, and gain competitive advantage.

Melissa Andrada

How to have compassionate conversations about difficult sh*t

How can you have compassionate conversations around racism, transphobia and all forms of oppression? How can you listen and speak your truth in a way that inspires communities of difference across the globe? Melissa Andrada, a Creative DEI Strategic Advisor, Facilitator and Healer will share vulnerable stories, practical thinking and strategies based on her work with clients that include Radical Candor, AXIS Dance, Google and City Surf Project, alongside her own personal lived experiences of oppression as a queer Filipina American born in Nigeria who came to the States as an undocumented immigrant.

This session is a highly artistic experience that involves meditation, thought-provoking questions and deeply personal stories, designed for folks who are keen to learn how to move through the discomfort of difficult conversations to create a more loving and equitable workplace.

Timings around the world

Live show November, 10

Daytime in North America, early evening in Europe and Africa.

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About Danielle Leong

Danielle Leong is an engineering manager at GitHub working to build healthier, safer communities, with a passion for building Consensual Software.

She’s the creator and founder of Feerless, an app that provided crowd-sourced, preemptive notifications for Netflix users with PTSD.

She’s passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in tech, and was one of the founding members of Skittles, Twilio’s diversity initiative. In her spare time, she volunteers at Code Tenderloin and mentors underrepresented folks in tech.

In her spare time, she runs a portrait and fashion photography studio and yes, she would love to take your photo!

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