Part 2: Building motivation

September 15, 2020 • 11am – 2pm EDT • EMEA and APAC replays


Jason Wong

Leadership Coach, Fractional VP of Engineering

Jason Wong

Session summary

For people to feel content in a role, they need to feel that they are progressing. But building that sense of progression isn’t easy, and you can often fall into the trap of providing rewards and benefits that don’t lead to satisfaction.

So how can you engender self-motivation? In this session, we’ll take a look at enabling autonomy, problem-solving mindsets, and how collaboration can contribute to team motivation.

You’ll leave this session with:

  • A toolkit for keeping teams motivated and engaged
  • Practical knowledge of how to give autonomy to your team
  • Strategies for building collaborative organisations
  • An understanding of how your engineers can have true impact in their roles

Talks and panels

Kevin Goldsmith

Crafting a mission and vision for your team

As you progress in seniority as a leader, the time horizon of your work progressively gets longer. Rather than aligning around week-to-week or month-to-month deliverables, the work changes to gaining alignment and maintaining focus for goals that sit further in the future. Well-crafted team mission and vision statements help create that alignment.

This talk will discuss the value of a clear mission and vision, creating mission and vision artifacts in an inclusive way for teams of different sizes, socializing them to the broader organization, and knowing when it is time to update them.

Kirsten Westeinde

Harnessing the power of storytelling to become a better leader

As technical leaders, two of our most important responsibilities are motivating our team and motivating others to join our team when needed. One of the most powerful tools in our toolbelt to do so is storytelling. It’s been proven time and time again, that human beings are very moved by the power of stories.

In a landscape as competitive as the tech industry, having a compelling story about the work your team is doing can mean the difference between an employee staying or leaving, or a candidate accepting your offer or not.

This talk will explore how to craft a compelling story about the work you and your team do. We will discuss storytelling best practises, and go through some examples from my teams work at Shopify. We’ll talk about the importance of clarifying your mission (what you’re doing), and your purpose (why you’re doing it) with your team, and how this exercise helps build empathy for your end user.

Kevin Stewart

On engineering impact

Engineers love solving problems and this is an asset for your organization. Frequently though, there appears to be a disconnect between the problems engineers think need to be solved vs what other stakeholders view as important. Communication is key on both sides. Tough technical problems are exciting to tackle and often engineers can think this is where they’re driving the most value. More often than not, though, the real value engineers bring ties more directly to business value.

In this talk we’ll discuss how to align engineers around business values so that they can see their impact.

Oren Ellenbogen, Kirsten Westeinde, Kevin Stewart, Kevin Goldsmith

[Panel] The importance of happiness

Every leader knows that employee happiness is important, but how important is it? And could a focus solely on happiness actually be detrimental, obstructing some of the challenging but necessary work that gives teams a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

In this panel we’ll think about the differences between happiness and purpose, how to understand what really gets teams motivated, and how to balance all of these with the realities of running an organization.

Timings around the world

Live show September, 15

Daytime in North America, early evening in Europe and Africa.

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About Jason Wong

Jason Wong is a proven engineering leader, diversity & inclusion consultant, and doughnut enthusiast. With almost two decades of experience in building and scaling web applications, he has worked in a range of industries from academia to online media and e-commerce.

He helped establish web development and administrative computing at Columbia College, led development of premium video streaming services at Yahoo! Sports, and spent seven years at Etsy leading their Infrastructure Engineering team. He currently works with engineering leaders to improve their engineering management practices and establish inclusive cultures.

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