Part 2: Building motivation

September 15, 2020 • 11am – 2pm EDT


Jason Wong

Leadership Coach, Fractional VP of Engineering

Jason Wong

Session summary

For people to feel content in a role, they need to feel that they are progressing. But building that sense of progression isn’t easy, and you can often fall into the trap of providing rewards and benefits that don’t lead to satisfaction.

So how can you engender self-motivation? In this session, we’ll take a look at enabling autonomy, problem-solving mindsets, and how collaboration can contribute to team motivation.

You’ll leave this session with:

  • A toolkit for keeping teams motivated and engaged
  • Practical knowledge of how to give autonomy to your team
  • Strategies for building collaborative organisations
  • An understanding of how your engineers can have true impact in their roles

About Jason Wong

Jason Wong is a proven engineering leader, diversity & inclusion consultant, and doughnut enthusiast. With almost two decades of experience in building and scaling web applications, he has worked in a range of industries from academia to online media and e-commerce.

He helped establish web development and administrative computing at Columbia College, led development of premium video streaming services at Yahoo! Sports, and spent seven years at Etsy leading their Infrastructure Engineering team. He currently works with engineering leaders to improve their engineering management practices and establish inclusive cultures.

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