Who should come?

LeadDev Together is designed to be watched in teams, but it could look a little different depending on your experience level. Here's how we'd recommend attending:

Engineering Managers

As an engineering manager, you're starting to gain more influence organisationally. If you're new to the role, or even if you've been doing it for a while, it probably feels completely unlike the skills that you'd gained as a developer. As such, you may be feeling a little lonely in the role - so why not try to form a group of other engineering leaders from your company to join together. These could be other Engineering Managers like you, or maybe even people a little more senior.

In this way, you'll be able to get a cohort of influential leaders who'll be able to make change; and you'll be able to action what you've learnt on an organisational level.

VPs and Directors of Engineering

Upskilling managers is tough, and even finding the time to dedicate to training can be a challenge - so bring your engineering leaders to these sessions where they'll be able to get a focused, compact crash course in the key facets of engineering management.

You'll be able to learn alongside them, and you'll also be able to help steer and guide the discussion to focus on the key challenges that your company is facing at the moment.

"LeadDev Together would be a good place for a group of engineering leaders at a single company to get a baseline of knowledge to allow them to level up as a group, as opposed to individuals. Creating a base level like this would be a great way to get everyone to the same level quickly, and kickstart a deeper level of understanding as a management team.”

Steve Bennett
Engineering Manager, Stash

Software Developers and Tech Leads

Leadership isn't just about managing people, it's also about how you communicate with your colleagues, how you influence decisions, and how you promote ideas. If you're a software engineer trying to level-up your leadership skills, why not invite your manager to join the course with you and some of your team. You'll be able to learn and grow alongside them, and also help set the culture for how you learn and grow.

Got questions?

We’ve tried to answer everything we think you might ask about LeadDev Together on the How it works page. If we’ve missed anything just reach out to us [email protected]